Brie en Croute....Serves 8-10....$18.00-$24.00

    puff pastry filled with brie and toppings:

    Apricot & Almond, Honey Walnut, Pistachio & Cherry,

   Fig & Walnut, Chocolate & Roasted Pecan,  Blue Cheese,

   or create your own combination!         

Herbed Cheesecake...serves 16-18...$30.00

Pesto Cream Cheese Terrine...serves 16...$24.00

Cheese Straws

Parmesan Thyme Crackers

Blue Cheese and Walnut Crackers

Cheddar & Green Olive Crackers

Curry Spiced Shortbread

Maple Bacon Shortbread

Cumin & Black Pepper Shortbread

Sea Salt Oat Crackers

Herbed Profiterole with Tarragon Chicken Salad

Blue Cheese & Bacon Profiterole

Mini Quiche

Brie, Pecan & Grape Pastries

Pimento Crostini

Holiday Ham Crostini

Potato & Swiss Tartlets

Jamaican Beef Pastries

Spanakopita Pastries

Mushroom Pastry Triangles

Deviled Eggs

Olive Tapenade Cups

Jam & Brie Cups