Brie en Croute (serves 10-12)    $26.00
   Honey Walnut…with a touch of cinnamon
   Pistachio Cranberry..with raspberry jam
   Apricot Almond…dried apricots, toasted almonds,     apricot jam
   Raspberry & Apricot…apricot and raspberry jam

Savory Herbed Cheesecake     $30.00
   9"  (serves 16-18)

Cheese straws    $13.00/doz

These make great additions to cheese boards!
Parmesan Thyme Crackers    $9.75/doz
Blue Cheese and Walnut Crackers  $10.80/doz
Cheddar and Green Olive Crackers   $10.80/doz
Curry Spiced Shortbread    $10.80/doz
Maple Bacon Shortbread    $10.80/doz
Cumin & Black Pepper Shortbread   $10.80/doz
Sea Salt Oat Crackers    $10.80/doz

Herbed Profiterole        $15.00/doz

   filled with Tarragon Chicken Salad 

Mini Quiche $15.00/doz

Spinach-Parmesan, Tomato-Basil,    Mushroom-Swiss,  Bacon-Swiss

Brie & Raspberry Jam Pastry Triangles   $15.00/doz

Pimento Crostini    $15.00/doz
Potato & Swiss Tartlets   $18.00/doz


Please allow us a minimum of 24 hours to make your order, and we cannot accept next day orders after 3pm. Payment is due at time of order.

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