Our Market Freezer is stocked with many items. Our selection varies from day to day, so please call to confirm availablilty!

Quiche.... $22 Serves 6-8  Bacon Swiss, Mushroom Swiss, Tomato Basil, and Spinach 

Brie en Croute....$26.00 Serves 8-10...brie topped with dried fruit and jam, wrapped in puff pastry. Bake at home for an amazing treat!

Ice Cream....$5.45/cup

Soup....$5.25/cup, $9.90/pint

Bone Broth....$5  house made, know for it's healing qualities and overall health benefits

Mac & Cheese....$5.25 Individual servings for those who prefer smaller servings

Entrees - our entrees are portioned to serve 1-2 adults and range in price $8-12 per person. We also have casseroles and side dishes with larger amount of servings

French Bread ...$4.00...par baked, just pop in your oven 5-10 minutes for hot, crusty bread

Garlic Bread.... $6.00 Serves 4-6 made with real butter, cheese and fresh garlic

Salmon en Croute...$14.00...seared salmon topped with creamed spinach and wrapped in puff pastry. Bake at home for a decadent meal!