Our Ice Cream is made with fresh, all natural ingredients. It's sweet, creamy, and quite decadent.

It is made in small batches and the variety  in our Market Freezer is ever-changing.

Please call ahead to reserve yours or to request a flavor not currently available. 


$12.50/pint  (by order only)

Call 850-765-0811 or email orders@trevas.net


made with real bourbon, brown sugar & vanilla bean

Butter Pecan

​Cashew & Cardamom

Chai Spice

Cherry Nut

maraschino cherries and peanuts

 Chocolate Chocolate Nut  
dark chocolate ice cream with toasted almonds and cocoa cake bits

Chocolate Orange

 Cinnamon Honey

Dark Chocolate

rich & buttery chocolate 


with nutmeg, vanilla bean, and bourbon


bold flavor, yet smooth & creamy 

Espresso Chip

espresso with chocolate chips

Guinness Chip

sweet and creamy stout with chocolate chips

Honey Vanilla

Lavender Lemon  

delicate balance of floral and citrus flavors

Lemon Thyme  

creamy lemon and fresh thyme

London Fog

​earl grey tea, vanilla, and lavender


 green tea with vanilla bean

Mexican Mocha

with cinnamon and a hint of cayenne 

Mint Chocolate Chip

natural mint with chipped dark chocolate 

Orange Cream

with fresh orange zest


vanilla ice cream with fresh peaches


with crushed candy pieces


Raspberry Chocolate Chip


with rose sugar and real rose petals

Rosemary Key Lime 

key lime juice infused with fresh rosemary

Salted Caramel

Salty Lemon
Spicy Ginger

Vanilla Bean   

all natural vanilla